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    We are a complete Post Production Company with over 10 years of real experience

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Post Production

More Digital has experienced in-house editors who offer quick turnaround on post-production services. We have created thousands of edits for our clients for a variety of projects. Video genres include reels, social media re-purposing of long-form content.

We utilize professional editing software Davinci Resolve Studio Version as well as Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Audition making our edits easily transferable between organizations.

We can also take care of sound design, visual effects, and sound mixing. This is an often overlooked aspect of post-production. With our sound editing experience, we can improve your video tenfold.

Colour Grading

This is an often overlooked post-production procedure. We are able to manipulate the colour of images in post-production to create the exact ‘look’ the client desires. We also colour ProRes and Braw.

Sound Design

Sound is a critical part any video or film. It makes the video creates a sense of offscreen space which is important for the realism of a Video. We are your sound experts.

Special Effects

Special Effects can help explain difficult concepts or keep an information-heavy video engaging. When used in a strategic way with live-footage, Special Effects can really make your video pop.